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The future is creative. Keynotes that intersect the world of innovation, design and curiosity and power up our amazing humanness

Design Thinking

Dramatically speed up the way you develop innovative solutions to complex problems by embracing creativity, empathy and customer-centricity

Conference Facilitation

No one ever went to an event and said ‘You know what? I wish I had a more boring time!’ Who said learning had to be dull?

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Meet Simon Banks

  • Creativity, innovation, and design specialist

  • International keynote speaker

  • Author, A Thousand Little Lightbulbs: How to kickstart a culture of Innovation in your Organisation
  • Co-host of the Occupational Philosophers Podcast
  • Recovering professional artist,
  • And forward thinking and creative confidence pro.
Simon Banks
Simon Banks


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From the outset of our engagement with Simon, it was very clear how he could help our team to better solve business problems by avoiding tunnel vision thinking and improving the ROI of our most valuable resources, our people. His design thinking approach has helped accelerate our team development journey and has already started to produce great outcomes by making sure that the team focus on ready-to-use outcomes which are equitable, enjoyable and most importantly useful. Guaranteed, I would love to work with Simon again.

Nigel Nisbett,
Director, Professional Services, Asia Pacific & Japan, Boomi

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Thank you Simon for your outstanding work! You bring life and energy to the room and engage the audience from start to finish. You go above and beyond when investing in the set-up, resources and creative planning for the session. Your inclusive and collaborative approach makes you an absolute delight to work with and we can’t wait to have you back to influence and impact the next cohort of the Australian Rural Leadership Program!

Penny Gladwin,
Manager Learning, Australian Rural Leadership Foundation

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Ticket to Ryde was our first all-staff conference to be delivered over 4 days – and we knew we had to create a memorable and high-energy event with impact! Simon was a true professional. From our first conceptual brainstorming session, Simon worked closely with us until we moulded the perfect blend of information, fun and connection into our program. We went into the event knowing Simon would deliver an engaging, thought-provoking keynote and he went above and beyond in facilitating our workshops with high energy and purpose. With 4 keynotes and 16 workshops facilitated over 4 days, it was a huge thank you to Simon for inspiring our staff to be curious, creative and imaginative – bringing our ideas to life!

Kate Rodger,
Organisational Development and Capability Lead, City of Ryde

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Reimagine with Simon

If a creative and innovative culture that continuously reimagines and achieves beyond expectations is your aim, but you’re stumped on the ‘how’, take it to Simon.

Drawing on the practical world of creativity and design, Simon fosters an active, hands-on approach for everyone present. People learn by doing. This ensures that the audience has those big ‘a-ha’ moments intrinsically. It’s not just a framework shoved at them from the front of the room.

Together, people ‘do’ the practical work of creative problem solving: designing solutions, being highly curious and experimenting quickly. With Simon’s guidance, people develop their creative confidence, so they can go back into their organisation and empower others on their innovation journey.

A Thousand Little Lightbulbs:

How to Kickstart and build a culture of Innovation in your organization – in any industry.

Kickstarting a culture of innovation can feel pretty hard. Let me tell you, it’s not that hard.

You don’t have to ride a unicycle or start eating kale salads, I promise (though I won’t stop you if you want to). Small steps can make a huge difference. If you’re looking to kickstart a culture of Innovation, fultill your potential and have a constant stream of little lightbulb moments that lead to massive forward motion, this keynote is for you.

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A Thousand Little Light Bulbs
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The Occupational Philosophers Podcast

The Occupational Philosphers is a not-so-serious business podcast to staying curious, creative, asking those really great questions that can create a more interesting life (and kicking some arse at work).

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