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Firstly – Happy 2022. We should always celebrate the joy of a new year.

Secondly…..Well, it’s certainly been a different time of late, hasn’t it?

You could call it a very Business-as-Unusual (and Life-as-Unusual) environment or a complete, random rollercoaster through the unknown. My word to thrive in this environment – REIMAGINE.

We hear so much about the ‘re’ words – resilience, rebuild, recover.  However, we can’t do any of these unless we embrace another ‘re’ word and that is to Reimagine.

When we engage our curious and creative mind and reimagine what’s possible, we can write the stories we want to be in.  With imagination, we can do better than merely adapting to a new ‘running your arse off on a treadmill’ environment — we can thrive by shaping the environment we want to be part of.

Reimagine: It’s the key to getting unstuck, driving positive change, solving big problems and delighting customers.

I certainly can’t pretend to have all the answers (wouldn’t that be cool?) however the team and I will continue to develop our full range of workshops, keynotes and bespoke learning programs including storytelling and creative problem solving through to design thinking sprints to help you develop the skills to Reimagine.

And one thing is eternally true, either online or in person…. No one ever went to a workshop or event and said, “You know what, I wish I had a worse time”. It’s my promise to always bring my best creative energy so that not only do you and your team kick some goals, but you have a great time as well.

Here's to REIMAGINING the story and environment we want to be part of in 2022, smiling and thriving, whatever the year presents to us.

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Creative, Experienced, Engaging.
…And (dare we say it), FUN!

If you want your audience engaged, the energy high and your people raving about your event, Simon’s for you.

Simon is an international keynote speaker and author, podcaster on creativity, innovation and design, and a recovering professional artist. He has delivered over 1300 events across the globe.

His big why?

To use his artist’s curiosity combined with his 20-year corporate career to build a more creative world to enable people and business to thrive in the Modern Age. His book A Thousand Little Lightbulbs: How to kickstart a culture of Innovation in your Organisation is out now.

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Keynote Speaking
Keynote Speaking

Looking for a speaker with the right mix of energy, humour and insight to kickstart innovation and delight your audience?

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Conference MC

If you want your audience engaged, the energy high and your people raving about your event, Simon’s for you.

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Design Thinking

Are you looking to completely shift the way you think, develop awesome ideas and delight your customers?

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Graphic Facilitation Workshops

Are you wanting to take your communication skills to another level and truly engage your stakeholders?

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Simon’s Book

How to kickstart a culture of innovation in your organisation

Ever thought creativity and innovation were for other people?

Ever rolled your eyes at the latest corporate change roll out?

Do you want to get the best out of your team?

Kickstarting a culture of innovation can feel pretty hard. Things might have been the same in your company for a very long time. But times are changing. Business as usual is NOT the new normal. Innovation’s where the good stuff – and your future - happens. You can’t afford to miss out.

You don’t have to ride a unicycle or start eating kale salads, I promise (though I won’t stop you if you want to). If you’re looking to inspire your team to innovate, but just don’t know how…

Finally, there’s a book for you!

The Occupational Philosophers

The Occupational Philosophers is a not-so-serious business podcast to staying curious, creative, asking those really great questions that can create a more interesting life (and kicking some arse at work)

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What they’re saying

Thanks so much Simon! I had a blast. So many great comments on Facebook. Such a hard gig getting everyone going online, it was great that you could keep the audience active, interactive and engaged in a digital event. Thanks so much for your time, our members truly appreciate it.

-Keirin McCormack, JCI Australia National President

What a cracking event yesterday. Everything was superb. Everyone’s still talking about it. The vibe in the office is charged, as it was at the event also. Absolutely nailed the brief and got everyone excited about our new brand. Thanks for keeping so cool under pressure and a huge thanks to your team for being so wonderful and helping us during the madness that was the room set up. YOU’RE AMAZING!!!

- Leanne Medeiros, Senior Internal Communications & Events Specialist, REST Industry Super

Simon brought our organisation new skills and a new mindset. Simon's approach to engagement and problem solving promoted and placed our staff front and centre in bringing solutions to our organisations challenges. Simon is as expert facilitator, a great artist, and an exemplar of positive creativity. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you again in the future.

- Mathew Harvey, Manager of Digital and Technology at the Public Trustee of QLD

Simon was very well received and a pleasure to work with.  He was very professional, lively and flexible.  Simon took the time to research his presentation and had a great understanding of our objectives and more importantly the audience.  Simon also unexpectedly brought some humour into his MC role and we received many positive comments.

- Margot Streater, AILA NSW State Manager

Ticket to Ryde was our first all staff conference to be delivered over 4 full days - and we knew we had to create a memorable and high energy event with impact! Simon was a true professional. From our first conceptual brainstorming session, Simon worked closely with us until we moulded the perfect blend of information, fun and connection into our program. We went into the event knowing Simon would deliver an engaging, thought provoking keynote and he went above and beyond in facilitating our workshops with high energy and purpose. With 4 keynotes and 16 workshops facilitated over 4 days, thank you Simon for inspiring our staff to be curious, creative and imaginative - bringing our ideas to life! 

- Kate Rodger, Organisational Development and Capability Lead, City of Ryde

Thank you so much Simon and great to work with you again. Your content was right on point with the brief/conversation we had. The Ambassadors loved the energy, hands on approach and activities to get them thinking about the way they present.  It was so great to see how motivated and engaged you got them. We really appreciate it.

- Lauren Hines, Student Recruitment and Engagement Officer, Newcastle University

I would like to thank you for your role as facilitator and MC at the Department of Transport and Main Roads DG Customer Led Innovation Challenge. Your role was integral to making the day a success and was greatly appreciated by myself and all the participants.

- Neil Scales, Director General, QLD Department of Main Roads