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Simon Banks offers his unique insight into the latest trends in innovation and design thinking. Read the following articles to discover a treasure trove of free tips and tricks that will allow you to kickstart your creative mindset.

smile more at work simon banks

Posted 11.09.2017

Why You Should Smile More at Work (and at home)

I recently wrote this article on LinkedIn and wanted to share some of the thoughts with you Ask yourself these questions: – When was the last time you really smiled at work? –…

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Innovation Hackathon simon banks

Posted 26.08.2017

Seven Essential Ingredients for a Brilliant Innovation Hackathon

Keen to get brew some fresh thinking in your organisation? Are you looking to delight your customers with even better products and services? Are you wanting to develop a culture of innovation?…

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Want to book a conference MC

Posted 25.05.2017

Want to Book a Conference MC? Here are Five Things to Consider

If your wanting to have a Conference MC at your next event, there are some important things to consider. A brilliant Emcee or Facilitator is essential part of making any large event…

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Seven Common Phrases that Kill Innovation

Posted 27.04.2017

Seven Common Phrases that Kill Innovation

In innovation, the buzz words you often hear are digital disruption, big data, cloud based, design thinking, startups and Fintech. It’s for good reason, these are all important pieces…

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Posted 06.04.2017

Why Innovation Needs STEAM, Not Just STEM

Did you know that in Renaissance times that there wasn’t a disconnect or gap between the Arts and Science? They were best friends or in today’s language, BFF’s. The…

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4 early morning steps

Posted 19.02.2017

4 Simple, Early Morning Steps to Put More Creativity in Your Day

I wrote this creativity post recently on my Simon Banks page for LinkedIn and wanted to share it. So, why do you want more creativity in your day? Why would you want to have a more innovative…

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