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Simon Banks offers his unique insight into the latest trends in innovation and design thinking. Read the following articles to discover a treasure trove of free tips and tricks that will allow you to kickstart your creative mindset.

Simon Banks - Innovation Mindeset

Posted 31.01.2017

Should your Innovation Focus be Massive Disruption or Marginal Gains?

The word Disruption is hotter than hot when Innovation is mentioned in the corporate world. It’s either massive excitement about disrupting the market and kicking some ass or a lot…

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Posted 05.10.2016

What Art Has Taught Me About People, Change and Innovation

I have been working face to face with all huge variety of people in a facilitation/education role for the last 22 years, give or take a few months (Sigh, sigh, sigh… I feel really…

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Posted 06.09.2016

Fail Fast! Time to rethink your Corporate Innovation strategy?

I am hearing the words fail fast everywhere at the moment. It has become a new buzz word. It may end up in the same space as such classics as: Thinking outside the box, peeling back…

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Posted 07.08.2016

Corporate Creativity: Solving Problems Through Opening Your Eyes And Walking

I recently had a really great creative success story that I wanted to share. The creative and problem solving approach is really, really simple and could be useful the next time you…

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Posted 10.07.2016

Presentation Skills, Mad Man Style

I was recently involved in a 1.5 day presentation skills workshop (Simon Banks style). It was part of a 4-day offsite for 30 senior leaders from a communications company and this was…

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Simon Banks Favourite Design Thinking Activities

Posted 10.06.2016

What You Can Learn From My Favourite Design Thinking Activity: Getting Out The Cardboard Cartons

One of my favourite design thinking activities when I was an art teacher (though I didn’t know about design thinking at the time), involved freestyling with cardboard boxes. Let…

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