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Watch the latest videos from Simon Banks, teaching you everything from the power of emotional intelligence, how to draw what’s in your head, and some interesting ideas you can use to boost your innovation mindset.

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Visual Communication Episode 1

Posted 02.02.2017

Simon Banks: Learn Visual Communication Episode 1

Why should I learn Visual Communication? Great question and I am glad that you asked. As the world changes, the way that we learn and take in information is changing rapidly. Did you…

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graphic facilitation video

Posted 03.12.2016

Whiteboard Animation: Emotional Intelligence

A whiteboard animation on emotional intelligence, explaining that people do business with people, and that ultimately, your mood and personality often directly influence the success…

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adf total workforce model

Posted 03.12.2016

Whiteboard Animation: ADF Total Workforce

The Australian Defence Workforce loses people because they’ re personal circumstances didn’ t line up with their service commitments. The ADF total workforce model has been built…

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maxres default video

Posted 03.12.2016

Whiteboard Animation: Create a Culture of Engagement

A whiteboard animation explaining the importance of engagement in the work environment. Engagement is a measure of your team’ s emotional commitment and it’ s critically important…

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graphic facilitation simon banks video

Posted 03.12.2016

Explainer Video: The Journey of the Elephant Shop

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