Creativity & Problem Solving Workshop

In the 21st Century, Creativity is one of the most important elements of any business. This a crucial ingredient for any modern organisation looking to growth-hack its way to new heights and fully leverage its potential.

According to the World Economic Forums 2016 and 2020 Future of Work Report, creativity and problem-solving is right at the top of the list for the workforce of right now (and into the future). It’s a very human skill and something that AI, Automation and Technology can’t replace.

The problem?

It’s also one of the most feared. misunderstood and under-utilised components in today’s workforce – but it doesn’t have to be.

Meet Simon Banks, a Creativity Workshop facilitator with a unique ability. Simon is known for bringing out their unique creative spirit in people through his great energy, humour and passion.

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Here’s what your company can take away from our Creativity Workshops:

  • Get fresh insights into old problems.
  • Explore new and innovative product ideas
  • A totally different way of thinking about your customer
  • Challenge paradigms of thinking and chart new ways forward
  • Understand how ideas are a currency – and how to have lots of them
  • Kickstart your energy and start thinking big
  • Inject an entrepreneurial (or intrapreneurial) spirit into your team
  • Develop a “what’s possible” mindset when problem-solving

But why is it that people are so scared of being creative? Simon’s creativity workshops importantly deal with the number one problem that teams face in getting the most of out their creativity – Their Creative Ogre. That crappy voice that has been lying to you and telling you how uncreative you are.

We’re not just talking about what happens at work.

By living a more creative and open life outside of work, you learn to apply that same approach for work, too. This is why participants leave my workshops with a plan to keep creativity flowing in all aspects of their life – not just the workplace.

So how can you truly fulfil your team’s creative potential?

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Discover renewed creativity with Simon Banks’ Creativity Workshops!

What you will get from working with Simon Banks as a Creativity Facilitator:

  • Learn how to use their creativity at all times – no more creative block!
  • A number of brilliant creative levers that they can pull at any time to shift their thinking.
  • An inside look into real-world creativity – more than just boring textbook workshops delivered by a consultant (‘fill in the blanks’ workbooks do NOT inspire creativity and fresh thinking)

This isn’t just an event. It’s an investment.

Participants leave these workshops with a renewed sense of creative confidence and self-belief that leads to a permanent increase in productivity and problem-solving.

Our creativity workshops can also be run in conjunction with Design Thinking workshops, Innovation Hackathons and Graphic Facilitation workshops.

Are you ready to revive
your company’s creative spark?

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