The Importance of Curiosity and Asking Human Centred Questions

Do you ever remember the saying “Curiosity killed the cat?”

I don’t believe that curiosity ever killed the cat. I think curiosity made it a pretty amazing feline. And when the cat combined curiosity with great information, it became Supercat.

Which brings me to….How curious are you are you at the moment? I think as we kick off 2021, we need to be more curious than ever.

Let’s reflect. 2020 was, how do we say it? Different (and a bit of a festival of crap for many). Everything got turned upside down including the world of work. Whoever thought that the office could become so redundant so quickly? We had to completely shift the way we think, operate, move, interact, communicate. You name it, everything was upside down.

As we think about the return to work (in Australia at least) it's important to make sure we are being really curious and asking the RIGHT questions, not just the simple ones that first spring to mind. And when I say the RIGHT questions, I mean very HUMAN CENTRED questions.

Some of the common questions I am hearing are:

How do we arrange the timetables and when people come in and out of the office to make sure that there aren't too many people in the office at once?

Which is really a question of planning.

Whereas a better question might be, how might we make people enjoy being in this office which might be this new sparse and sterile environment?

Which is really a question about happiness.

Another question may be:

How do we keep people apart in the office?

Which is really a question of space.

Whereas a better question might be, how might we keep our teams together?

Which is really a question of connection.

As the world around us continues to evolve, change and develop, (as it’s always done), it’s more important than ever to use our super power of curiosity and to keep our imagination on high on high alert. This will enable us to dig that little deeper make sure we are asking the right human centred questions so we solve the right human centred problems.

Curious? Would you like to know more about bringing more creativity, imagination, curiosity and innovation into your team and organisation to solve big problems?

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