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Design Thinking Workshops

  • Would you like to dramatically speed up the way you develop solutions to wicked problems?
  • • Would you like to embrace best practice and use tools from the worlds leading innovators?
  • • Would you like to build an empathic, curious and action orientated culture in your organisation?


If you said YES to any of the above, Design Thinking and Human Centred Design is a fantastic way to make that happen.  It’s nothing new. Brilliant artists, architects, scientists, musicians and designers have been following this approach for years. The great news is that it can be learned, applied and used by anyone.

So what is Design Thinking?


Official definition

It’s a very human centred, iterative approach for creative problem solving and innovation that draws from the designers toolkit to integrate what’s desirable from a human point of view, technologically feasible and economically viable (Thanks IDEO – you're awesome).

Simon’s twist

Connecting with real people, rapid experimentation, getting your hands dirty and making stuff you can quickly test (Ideas don’t live in a PowerPoint).


There are five, non-linear, hands on stages, that bring Design Thinking to life

Design thinking focuses on generating deep insight into people and their emotions, inherent needs and behaviours. It balances what can be missed in ‘raw data’, giving you a deeper, more rounded understanding of the problems you are trying to solve.

Developing new ideas and solving complex problems doesn’t come from just sitting and talking. Think of DESIGN THINKING as DESIGN DOING.

Be warned! Simon Banks’ Design Thinking Workshops will have you doing just that as you awaken ALL your senses and get very busy.

So if you’re looking to shift things up, here are just a few things you will be able to learn through Simon’s design thinking workshops:

  • • Go beyond traditional problem solving and engage your team in a style of thinking that isn’t business as usual
  • • Drive the love of collaboration in your team to an all time high
  • • Create an innovative, customer-focused culture in your company
  • • Develop skills in bringing products, services and solutions to life at speed
  • • Develop creative confidence and learn the importance of curiosity, imagination and experimentation
  • • Just quietly, people also enjoy themselves (Shhhh!)

What type of packages do you have?


90 mins - 3 hour Introduction to Design Thinking

High on content and learning, delegates will get an understanding of how to apply design thinking in your organisation and leave with a tangible prototype they can test

1 & 2 day Design Thinking workshops

These are a great mix of learning, doing and building real, tangible solutions that you can create a plan to implement with as we work on real problems you want to solve

Design Thinking Train the trainer

Learn how to run a Design Sprint and use Human Centred Design to in your own workshops. This is very hands on and we learn by doing, spending time as both a facilitator and a participant. You leave with a tried and tested design facilitators tool kit and a mind and creative soul that is on fire!

With our unique design thinking platforms, workshops can be delivered as part of online, face to face of a mixture of both.

So what’s Simon’s story around Design Thinking?

As a long time designer, maker and creator combined with 20 years corporate experience, Simon brings a great energy and understanding of design thinking and doing that sits outside the usual consultative speak and ‘stuff everything into a spreadsheet’ approach. It’s his foot in both camps and his seven step innovation framework that have made his programs so successful.


What they’re saying

“Simon brought our organisation new skills and a new mindset. Simon's approach to design engagement and problem solving promoted and placed our staff front and centre in bringing solutions to our organisation's challenges. Simon is as an expert facilitator, a great artist, and an exemplar of positive creativity. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you again in the future”

Mathew Harvey, MBA, Digital and ICT Strategist, Portfolio Architect, Design Thinker, QLD Public Trustees


Simon’s design thinking workshops can also be run in conjunction with his Creativity Workshops, Keynotes and Graphic Facilitation Workshops.

If you would like to use human-centred techniques to solve problems in a creative and innovative way, get in touch with Simon to see what’s possible.