Design Thinking Workshops

Artists, architects and designers have known for a long time:

Developing new ideas and solving complex problems doesn’t come from just sitting and talking. Design thinking is at the heart of human centred design and creating a company that puts your customer, both internal and external at the heart of everything that you do.

Of course, tapping into constant streams of inspiration is a skill that requires the discipline and engagement of all your senses.

The good news?

It’s totally teachable and easily followed through. The key is to leverage experienced Design Thinking facilitators. It’s a great way to get you started, free your mind and provide inspiration and guidance to get you moving and release your best thinking.

Simon Banks’ Design Thinking Workshop(s) awakens ALL senses.

Here’s just a few things you will be able to learn through Simon’s design thinking workshops:

  • Look at complex problems in a way that offers unique solutions
  • Engage your team in style of thinking that isn’t business as usual
  • Drive the love of collaboration in your team to an all time high
  • Create an innovative, customer-focused culture in your company
  • Go beyond traditional problem solving


As a long time artist, designer and creator, Simon brings a great energy and understanding of design thinking that sits outside the usual consultative speak and mumbo jumbo.

Our design thinking workshops can also be run in conjunction with Innovation Hackathons, Creativity Workshops and Graphic Facilitation Workshops.

Are you ready to embrace design thinking?

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