Graphic Facilitation Gallery

I use Visual Communication and Graphic Facilitation in a variety of interactive ways: To turbo charge thinking, co-design, strategise, innovate, tell stories and innovate at speed. My BIG difference is that the drawing is front and centre and is the conversation, not happening silently on the side.

It’s a powerful productivity tool and way of working for modern times Why? Because when we think visually, we access different parts of our brain.

When we see something, we ‘get’ it, straight away. It’s a great way to cut through the clutter and get straight to the point and this happens at speed.

The gallery below will give you a great idea of some of the outcomes achieved.

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Rapid Co-Design (With You)

How do you get everyone involved and having their say? How do you democratise conversation outside of sticky notes? Using a Visual Co-Design approach, everyone can contribute their thoughts at and produce outcomes at speed. (Think two months work put into a day). Importantly, the outcomes directly reflect what teams have created themselves.

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If a strategy is a journey, why do we put it in a bullet points? Built out LIVE with an audience, this turns a usual strategy session on its head. It’s highly interactive, it’s visceral and engages different parts of our brain, which is essential for thinking differently.

Most importantly, it’s a great way to make the complex simple and take people on the journey with you.

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At the heart of Innovation is the ability to think differently, pivot quickly and rapid prototyping. This is where visuals come into their own as they give you the ability to create and get feedback at speed. The drawings are rough and ready (but work brilliantly!) when created live with teams. It makes sticky notes look so 2015….

And here is some of those ways I keep my innovation workshop messages alive post event (no more rolled up flipchart paper that someone has to write out)

I’d love to know more!

Bringing Values, Behaviours And What’s Important In Your Organisation To Life

In a world where we are bombarded with information overload, we need to cut through the noise. We remember 65% of what we see as opposed to 10% of what we read which make visuals the perfect way to bring company stories to life.

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Working With Senior Leadership

Visual Thinking and Communication works across all levels. It helps Senior Leadership teams to get the heart of what’s important and create stories that they can share.

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Creating Meaningful And Engaging Content

When I MC, Speak and Facilitate, I (sometimes) also find time to capture some of the content when I am not speaking. You can see some of the outcomes below.

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Collaboration On Visual Projects

I have been lucky enough to use my visual communication skills to bring a whole bunch of great ideas to life, tell great stories and make the complex simple to understand.

If you would like to know more about how you could use visual communication to strategise, innovate and tell stories, get in touch.

If you would like to learn graphic facilitation and become Whiteboard Ninja’s, we have inhouse and public graphic facilitation workshops – real and virtual – happening constantly.

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Here’s to a more creative world!

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