Would you like to shift your communication from here to here?

Let me ask you some more questions:

  • Are you interested in saving time and being more efficient in your role?
  • Are you looking to add some great new skills to your communication tool belt?
  • Would you like a highly productive way to strategise and explore ideas?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, Our Perth Graphic Facilitation Public workshops are where you need to be!

  • The workshop is in person over two days

  • Dates are 10th and 11th July
  • The event will be at Cleaver Studios, 14 Cleaver Street, Perth

Early bird ticket specials
UNtil midnight on 20th May

Mmmm, I’m Interested:
How Do These Graphic Facilitation Public Workshops Work?

Simon has developed a unique approach over the past 15 years that focuses on 3 fundamental principles. These are principles that allow ANYONE who walks away from our Visual and Graphic Facilitation public workshops to express their thoughts visually.



Showing people how to draw what they see, as opposed to what they think they see. Nobody looks like a stick figure!

thinking in shape branded


By breaking down the drawing process to its fundamental level of line and shape, you can literally draw anything. Yes, anything!

confidence branded


(THIS IS THE CLINCHER) With the help of humour, energy and a passion for drawing, Simon instils everyone with confidence to actually go and draw. With his extensive Arts and Corporate background, Simon can take your team from “I can only draw a stickman” through to “I can’t actually believe what I have created!”

In The Workshops, Simon Will Show You How To:

  • Take your workshops and facilitation to another level
  • Cut out the clutter and make the complex simple
  • Grab your audience’s attention

  • Communicate with key stakeholders more efficiently
  • Be able to easily prototype an idea using design thinking principles
  • Present ideas to management effectively
  • Stop killing your audience with text-filled PowerPoint
  • Develop empathy with your audience by drawing people (goodbye stick figures)

  • Develop the confidence to be able to say, “let’s draw that out!”

OK, Sounds Great. How Does It All Work?

  • Over two days, delegates are taken through a how-to process to visualise thoughts, concepts and ideas and importantly, use it in a facilitation and communication context.

  • This reframes thinking, removes clutter and provides delegates with a new language to express their thinking and communicate with clients and colleagues.

  • The program is highly practical. You will learn techniques and they then practice, apply and explore further in a context that is important to you.

Quick overview of the workshop

Watch below to see the great content you will explore

That’s great value

Here’s What Happy Previous Whiteboard Ninja’s Have To Say

Learning with Simon was a highly valuable and enjoyable experience for every member of our team. We learned and developed far more skills across visual thinking, drawing, and presentation than we were expecting to, and he made it so easy to learn. It was also a great team building exercise as it stretched us all positively, at the same time, in the same direction. Simon was more than generous with his knowledge, skill and resources. This program provided us with great value for our investment. We’ve already applied our new skills with our clients, and they love the lift.

Helena Cain,
Partner, Artemis Partners

Jacqueline Jayne whiteboard ninja testimonial

Jacqueline Jayne,
The Cybersecurity Communicator, Media Commentator, Creator of Human Firewalls

Here is someone who knows how to distill years of experience in creativity into bite-size nuggets of gold. Simon’s ‘Whiteboard Ninja’ training was one of my highlights in this Covid confinement chaos. The course is playful, highly interactive and both practice and application-focused. The final session with a series of scenarios as prompts for fast drawings is brilliant! A great confidence-builder for facilitators/presenters who understand that a picture tells a thousand words.

Rachel Audigé,
Facilitator | Coach | Author| Trainer & Advisor in Innovation & Marketing Strategy

Harvee Pene,
Author | TEDx Speaker | Ten Outstanding Young Persons of AU | Director @ Inspire – Life Changing Accountants | Face of MOVEMBER ’19

I had the pleasure of attending Simon’s full-day Graphic Facilitation course recently in Sydney and could not recommend it highly enough. True to his word, Simon packed a punch of content into the day – there is great ROI in attending this workshop as I walked out literally ready to go and implement my new graphic facilitation skills.

Simon’s friendly and funny expert facilitation and guided learning ensured that by the end of the day we had each achieved our individual objectives, and so much more!

I would definitely recommend this workshop for anyone who’s looking to level up in facilitation and visual communication. I would love to attend more of Simon’s workshops in the future.

Jane Waterson,
Change Management | Transformation | Leadership | Founder and Director @ Delta Mash

Check Out The Action From A Recent Workshop

Who is this course for?

  • Professional Trainers and Facilitators
  • Learning and Development Professionals
  • UX and CX Designers
  • Change Managers
  • Coaches
  • Innovation Professionals
  • Design Thinkers and Design Leads

  • Agile and Lean Practitioners

  • Sales Professionals

  • Team Leaders and Problem Solvers
  • Marketers
  • Anyone who wants to:

    • Be more productive
    • Save time
    • Engage an audience
    • Turbocharge the way they communicate and connect with people

Who facilitate this? What’s their experience?

Simon Banks is an Author, Podcaster and International Speaker on creativity, innovation and design and a recovering professional artist. (That’s important.) Not your usual corporate-turned-creative, Simon knows his art and has a passion for helping people to tell visual stories and rediscover their most human elements of curiosity, creativity and imagination. Most of all he makes it a huge amount of fun! Who said learning had to be boring?

He has exhibited his own art across the globe and has run Whiteboard Ninja programs for clients such as NAB, ANZ, Queensland Government, The Change Management Institute, The Federal Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and numerous Federal Government organisations. Simon also delivers this program for Sydney’s University of Technology MBA Entrepreneur program.

Got Some Questions? We Have The Answers!

Learning graphic facilitation or visual storytelling is about learning to put information in a way that our brain loves AND doing it in a way that saves you a huge amount of time. The ability to quickly sketch something and say, “Is this what you mean” and check in for understanding can save literally weeks of time compared to sending emails and slide decks back and forth.

OK – Let’s stop there. Everyone can draw. Everyone can make a mark on the page. This program shows you how to put those marks in the right spot and in a way that when you look at them, you feel good about what you have done. It’s as simple as that.

The aim of this program is to give you the skills and confidence to use visual communication as a tool in your work and with your clients. How that unfolds will be different for everyone depending on your role, content, customers, outcomes etc. Throughout the program, we will work on your particular area and create a plan to implement your skills.

As with any tool, it’s about using it at the right time and place to get the optimum result. The concept of ‘less text, more story’ can be used universally across all of your communication platforms – digital or otherwise (and your audience will love it).

What Do You Get?

  • Two days of face to face content

  • A complete tool kit covering all course material to use as resources going forward

  • A resource guide for digital and in-person visual facilitation

  • A ‘how-to’ guide for drawing over 30 icons

  • Post-event 1:1 coaching session

  • Post-event 10-week drawing challenge to keep the learning and skills alive

That Sounds Amazing! What Will I Leave With Again?

  • A new set of facilitation and communication tools to build on your existing skillsets
  • A complete visual guide of everything covered in the workshops
  • Tools and templates to create and explore strategy
  • ‘How-to’ guides for drawing common icons
  • Facilitation and engagement tools
  • Digital and face to face facilitation resource pack
  • Post event coaching session
  • An understanding of how to avoid common mistakes
  • A modern way of thinking and exploring ideas
  • The confidence to stand up in front of a room and say ‘let me draw that’
  • A completely different view of your creativity – you have it!
  • Visual skills, tips and tricks you can use across all areas of your work

What’s the investment?

$1200 – 1500 exc. GST

Early bird discounts apply for booking before 20th May.

Tickets are now on sale – ALL PREVIOUS PROGRAMS HAVE SOLD OUT!

Have Questions?

Happy ‘Whiteboard Ninja’ Clients

EY Building a better working world
Nab more than money
Queensland government
Australian Government Geoscience Australia
Australian Government
AMI Australian marketing Institute
Paper + Spark

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