Graphic Facilitation Workshops

The world is experiencing information overload.

Traditional ways of communicating have become redundant. Things like text heavy documents and PowerPoint presentations are no longer effective in getting your message across.

Being able to use graphics and words together to demonstrate ideas and communicate with your team is an invaluable skill.

Graphic Facilitation Workshops show YOU how to:

  • Take your own workshops to another level
  • Demystify complex concepts with visual elements
  • Communicate with key stakeholders more effectively
  • Present ideas to management effectively
  • Be able to easily prototype an idea using design thinking principles
  • Stop killing your audience with PowerPoint
  • Craft and create beautiful stories to engage your audience


Simon Banks is the man for the job.

Simon has developed a unique approach that focuses on 3 fundamental principles. These are principles that allow ANYONE who walks away from our visual communication workshops to express their thoughts visually.

What are they?

1. Vision
Showing people how to draw what they see, as opposed to what they think they see. This is about refining perception and being able to communicate visually without sacrificing accuracy.

2. Direction
Breaking the drawing process down to its fundamental level. Once these are mastered, you can literally draw anything.

3. Confidence
With the help of humour, energy and a passion for drawing, Simon instils everyone with confidence to actually go and draw.

Looking for some quick tips? Watch our 5 part series on how to learn visual communication

With his extensive arts and corporate background, Simon can take your team from “I can only draw a stickman” through to “I can’t actually believe what I have created!”

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Learning Graphic Facilitation is the perfect skill to complement our Design Thinking Workshops, Innovation Hackathons and Creativity Workshops.

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