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Graphic Facilitation Workshops

Do you need a super engaging and highly productive way to communicate, strategise and explore ideas?

Read on!

Have you noticed that it can be hard to get people’s attention at times?

Relax, there is a reason! The world is experiencing information overload like never before. Information is pinging us from every angle across every device, sending our mind into overdrive (and science tells us our attention span is worse than ever)

As such, traditional ways of communicating are becoming redundant. Things like text-heavy documents and PowerPoint presentations are no longer effective in getting your message across. This has seen the explosion of visual communication and graphic facilitation. Being able to use graphics and words together to demonstrate ideas and communicate with your team is an invaluable skill.

The good news is that learning graphic facilitation is easy to do (and yes, even you, despite the fact you are telling yourself you can’t draw)

Simon Bank’s Graphic Facilitation Workshops show YOU how to:

  • • Take your own workshops to another level
  • • Demystify complex concepts into simple messages
  • • Ideate and problem solve with ease
  • • Say goodbye to stick figures forever
  • • Communicate with key stakeholders more effectively
  • • Present ideas to management effectively
  • • Be able to easily prototype an idea using design thinking principles
  • • Stop killing your audience with PowerPoint
  • • Craft and create beautiful stories to engage your audience
  • • Develop strategies that everyone can connect with


If you want to learn this skill, have the confidence to use it immediately at work, and have some fun in the process (yes, fun doing something work-based), then this workshop is for you.

Simon has developed a unique approach that focuses on 3 fundamental principles. These are principles that allow ANYONE who walks away from our visual communication workshops to express their thoughts visually.

What are they?

Learning to see
Learning to see

When people how to draw what they see, as opposed to what they think they see, everything changes.

Thinking in shapes
Thinking in shapes

When you break down the drawing process down to its most basic level, you can literally draw anything.


(This is the clincher) With endless energy, good humour and a passion for drawing, Simon enables participants to slay their Ogre and build their confidence to actually go and draw.

Check out the action from a recent workshop

Program options (all can be delivered online/face to face or a mixture of both)
  • • 90 minute taster session
  • • 3 hours getting ready to rumble session
  • • One day Immersion (with follow up online sessions)
  • • Two day masterclass (follow up sessions if needed)
  • • Visual Co Design Programs (length depends on size of project)

All content for inhouse Whiteboard programs are tailored to your organisation. I.e. If you’re a design team, we develop the specific skills for that discipline.  If you’re change managers, we develop the skills to create those great change stories and paradigms.

Note: If you want to use this as a professional, communication and productivity tool, we recommend a minimum of one day with follow up online programs. Why? Because it develops the full skill set you will need and most importantly the confidence to stand in front of an audience and not worry about what other people think as you draw.

Absolutely, the shorter sessions will give you basic skills and you will have a blast but there is no substitute for learn and practice, learn and practice and learn and practice some more!

Don’t want to do this inhouse? Join our Online Graphic Facilitation Public Workshops

So what’s Simon’s Experience?

With his extensive creative arts and corporate background, Simon has a foot in both the camps. Importantly, Simon knows his stuff. Simon has exhibited his art all over the world and lectured at the University and The National Gallery of England and created literally thousands of illustrations. As such, this is not a ‘paint by number’s program where you learn to draw ‘pretty pictures’ (even though they look great!) This is about using visual communication as a productivity tool and as part of your leadership, facilitation or communication tool kit.

Here’s what some happy clients have to say

For the three years, Simon has facilitated one of our MBA in Entrepreneurship (MBAe) masterclasses at the UTS Business School on the topic of Visual Communications, which he delivers with great energy and skill. Simon challenges attendees to think differently and develop more confidence around their visual expression. It is always noticeable how in the following weeks students are using simple graphics and sketches in their communication. I look forward to working with him again on future classes.

Jochen Schweitzer, Director MBA Entrepreneurship, University of Technology Sydney


Simon and his team designed and delivered workshops and visual facilitation activities for the entire leadership team (200 or so) to explore the vision for the new city of Canterbury Bankstown. The outcome was a visual representation of our new organisation, what we do and how we deliver services to our community which will be essential to driving our organisation forward. Simon was brilliant. Well done!

Janelle Davidson, Senior Project Officer, Organisational Development at Canterbury Bankstown Council


Here is someone who knows how to distill years of experience in creativity into bite-size nuggets of gold. Simon's 'Whiteboard Ninja' training was one of my highlights in this Covid confinement chaos. The course is playful, highly interactive and both practice and application-focused. The final session with a series of scenarios as prompts for fast drawings is brilliant! A great skill and confidence-builder for facilitators/presenters/leaders who understand that a picture tells a thousand words.

Rachel Audigé, Systematic Inventive Thinking Facilitator | Author of UNBLINKERED | Creator of Thinking Environments | Buster of Bias | Coach

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Happy 'Whiteboard Ninja' Clients

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Are you ready to turbo charge the way you engage, collaborate and communicate your ideas like never before?
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