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Graphic Facilitation

Graphic facilitation isn’t just a buzzword. It’s driving the way we communicate and learn.

In today’s world of marketing, you could almost throw away all written content and replace it entirely with graphics and video.

There’s no question, graphics are becoming a core medium of communication – particularly in the corporate world. The real question is, do you know how to use graphics to effectively communicate with YOUR audience and solve big problems?

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What is Graphic Facilitation?

Our brain loves to remember interesting, visual things. Over the last 5 years, visual communication has been key in solving problems and getting across messages that go beyond simple text.

A visual facilitator/graphic recorder can:

  • Bring key concepts to life and present them in a coherent, understandable way with graphic recording.
  • Communicate visions and strategies that connect with your audience and your team.
  • Increase speed and productivity by learning how to simplify complex ideas
  • Support creativity in yourself and your team
  • Make rapid breakthroughs and kick out creative block once and for all

Simon Banks is the man for the job.

As a professional artist, Simon takes illustration beyond coloured words in a box. He can draw whatever it takes to stretch your thinking and communicate your ideas with crystal clarity.

  • Need a donkey riding a skateboard? No problem
  • Your team juggling goals as they navigate the market? Easy
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Simon’s rapid fire drawing approach is at the heart of all his innovation and design thinking workshops.
It’s the magic ingredient that captivates his audience in a way that makes a lasting impact on every attendee.

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Graphic Facilitation can also be known as:

  • Graphic Recording
  • Visual Facilitation
  • Visual Scribe
  • Corporate Storyteller
  • Illustrator

Whatever you are looking for, Simon and his team have the skills to make it happen.

Graphic Facilitation can be used in conjunction with Design Thinking Workshops, Innovation Hackathons, Creativity Workshops and all Conference Programs.

Are you ready to communicate
your ideas like never before?

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