In 2020, many of us had some first hand experience in the realities of working from home, so how to avoid bad habits when working from home.

And look, at first, it can seem so exciting!

“Yay, I’m working from home! We’re going to have a Zoom party! Let’s put on my crazy hat and everything will be sooooo cool!”

But then, after a week or two weeks, it starts to sink in.

“Oh crap, is this is what it’s like?”

Now look, I’ve been a creative freelancer, let’s say, since 2003 so a long time before it was cool to work in the gig economy and I’ve spend a lot of time working from home, working from coffee shops, hot desking, you name it.

And over the last four years, I’ve actually built my own office and studio at home so I’ve got a lot of experience in this new situation that many of us find ourselves in and which most of will continue to use as the future of work changes.

So I want to point out a few bad habits that you need to be aware of to make sure you can be as productive and as happy and as fulfilled as you can be while working from home.

Avoid these working from home bad habits


1. Working in your pyjamas or undies

The first bad habit you can fall into is not changing out of your pajamas. I know it can be exciting to sit in your undies while you’re having a Zoom call, however the problem with working in all those super comfy clothes is they’re also often the clothes we relax in or go to bed in (which is not the most productive headspace to be in)

Therefore, we need to send a signal to our brain that we’ve shifted from that chill out, relaxed sleeping mode into something a little bit more productive.

Now my rule of thumb is, if you wouldn’t be seen in it outside of your house, don’t wear it when you’re doing any type of productive work.

2. Having news radio on all day (which was the thing to do during daily Covid updates)

During lockdown, there was so much information flying about, it’s so easy to get caught up in information overload. Whilst that news of infioramtion important,
it’s not really good for trying to be as productive as we can be at work and geting stuff done.

So, here’s what I suggest.

Listen to some music. Many will work in an office where this isn’t possible but at home it is, so find something you love to listen to that will help you sort of get in that flow space
and help you be as productive and as happy and fulfilled as you can while you’re doing your work.

3. Turn off social media distractions

That’s it. Turn off anything social media during work time or anything that has that infinite scrolling ability or where the content just never ends. (If your job involves social media, ignore the above but still, turn off the distractions!)

Here are those key things again-

  • Don’t wear anything during work time that you wouldn’t be happy in outside of the house.
  • Don’t listen to news radio all day.
  • Put on some music and make sure your mind’s going to be a little bit more clear and refreshed.
  • Stay away from anything during those work hours that has an infinite scrolling ability.

Here’s to a more creative, curious and imaginative world and being as productive, happy and fulfilled as you can be when working from home.

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