Simon Banks Keynote Speaker: Your Creativity and Curiosity is your Super Power

Imagine, if you could choose any super power, what would it be? Flying, X-ray vision, super strength, breathe under water? It would be great hey?

Here’s the thing….we all have an AMAZING super power. Our creative, curious, imaginative mind.

In this Innovation Keynote Presentation I did for the 2020 Global Emerging Innovation Summit, I dive into how to bring your super to life and how to use these super powers to kickstart innovation in your organization.

I want you to know this.

We are DESIGNED to be curious and to connect the dots in different ways. It’s in our blood. We were born to have creative moments and big, inspiring ideas going off all the time. As kids, we are never ending bundles of imagination and fresh ideas.

And these very human skills are more important than ever. But for so many of us, we leave these super powers behind.

So how do you tap back into that space?

  1. Take off our blinkers
  2. Remember, great things in = great things out
  3. Look at the world with travelers eyes

If we give in to what we born to do, it’s ever so easy. We have a superpower ready to go and that superpower is at the very heart of being successful in this very curious environment.

You can read more about some super easy steps to bring more creativity into your life here.

Here's to a more creative, curious and imaginative world.

Would you like to know more about bringing more creativity, imagination, curiosity and innovation into your team and organisation?

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