I recently published my first book, specifically an Innovation Book called ‘A Thousand Little Lightbulbs: How to kickstart a culture of Innovation.’

Rather than tell you all about the book – all that information and free chapter downloads are right here, I wanted to share some inspiration for writing the book.

So, what was some of my inspiration for writing this book?


I wanted to put the focus squarely on people and getting people to fulfil their innovation potential. I believe the process is important, HOWEVER, innovation doesn’t exist without people, their energy and great ideas. People are the heart and soul of a great Innovation culture. This can often get lost in the process and atypical analytical behaviour.

The Creative Ogre:

I was keen to highlight what I see as the biggest innovation hurdle that companies face. This is their peoples creative fear or the internal OGRE that constantly berates them. Otherwise known as the fear of looking foolish, it’s driven by people’s 100% belief of how uncreative they are. People are absolutely fearful of the word creativity (which is essential for innovation). This is what I see as the White Elephant in the room. It is the background for a section of the book and the first step in the innovation framework I use.

Not Add More To The ‘To-Do’ List:

I was very keen to provide an approach to innovation that won’t take up a huge amount of time! I understand that those people are time poor already, so the book focuses on changing what people are already doing, rather than giving them new stuff to do on top of their current workload. If I can get people to shift their current approach, rather than start something completely new… that would be awesome.

As an example, travelling to work with our eyes wide open and taking in as much of the world around us doesn’t take more time, just a different approach from always looking at a device.

It’s Not Just Creativity Tools:

Many innovation books put the focus squarely on creativity tools to leverage creative thinking. Whilst my book provides plenty of approaches to enable people to go wide in thinking, the focus is not about picking up the tool kit every time you need to think differently. It’s about being in that space already, where fresh thinking is the NORM. Where you are developing and practising the habits that make this normal.

Individual Behaviours:

I wanted to focus on the individual behaviours that drive a culture of Innovation. Over time, when practised, the small habits that drive creative behaviour and thinking become the norm and practised without thinking about it. This means people are ready to go whenever and wherever.


What leaders do makes such a difference in creating a culture of innovation. My aim is to provide leaders with a great understanding of what their people are really thinking and then provide leaders with the initial motivation to just get started. Great things happen when you take action.

Put It In A Way That People Understand:

I found many Innovation books are either highly corporate speak or very academic and as such, can be a bit dry and serious to read. (My thoughts only – not knocking any author!) I wanted to write and design an innovation book that was fun and easy to read. With a foot in both the creative and corporate worlds, I truly understand the corporate realities and mindset (and the eye rolls, sighs and ‘bullshit’ radar) through 18 years as a speaker and facilitator but also have real-world experience of creating, making, exploring and bringing new ideas to life.


Innovation can’t be a scattergun approach. My aim was to develop a simple road map and process that anyone can follow to develop a truly innovative workplace culture and in the process, provide fun ways to tackle their greatest creative problems within a business.

Given that, what is the ultimate benefit of my book for the reader?

Great question! The ultimate benefit is: How to unlock the natural innovative and creative talents of your people and use this to develop a culture of innovation at work where great ideas, market leading thinking, products and services are the norm

If you are curious, you can read more about the book, what people are saying about it and download some free chapters right here A Thousand Little Lightbulbs: How to kickstart a culture of Innovation in your Organisation

Here’s to a more creative world.

Simon Banks

About the Author

Simon Banks is an Author. International Keynote speaker and Podcaster on creativity and innovation and recovering Artist. He’s delivered over 1400+ events across the globe and is known for running innovation workshops, conferences and design sprints to brew fresh thinking and solve wicked problems. His book A Thousand Little Lightbulbs: How to kickstart a culture of Innovation in your Organisation is out now.

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