Innovation Workshops

Simon Banks develops and delivers a number of Innovation Programs, each designed to develop the skills, mindset and confidence to build a culture of innovation where everyone thrives.

With a diverse background in creativity, design and innovation and having delivered over 1300 events across the globe, Simon brings a very unique and creative skillset to innovation (creating change which adds value) and building the natural innovation skills that we are all born with.

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Whether You’re Looking To:

  • Build a company culture that develops bold and creative ideas,
  • Be human centred and solve wicked problems
  • Design a new product or service at speed or
  • Learn to harness the endless streams of inspiration that already exist internally,
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Simon has some great options –
both online, in person and a mixture of both.

design thinking workshops

Needing to tap into Constant Streams of Inspiration with that will inspire, guide and transform your thinking?

creativity workshops

Need to supercharge your team’s ideas and results? It’s time to discover a renewed creative energy.

Innovation hackathons

Are you looking to develop a culture of Innovation that produces market leading thinking, ideas and results?

graphic facilitation workshops

Do you want to take your communication skills to another level and truly engage your stakeholders?

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At the heart of all programs is the innovation framework that Simon talks about in his book

A Thousand Little Lightbulbs:
How to kickstart a culture of innovation in your Organisation.

Most importantly, it focuses on the behaviours, mindset and bravery needed to build a culture of innovation, and not just a process.
The Steps Are:
  1. Dance with your Ogre: Laugh at the monster that says you’re not creative.
  2. Get your language right. Replace the words “no” and “but” with “yes” and “and”
  3. So, what’s the problem? Innovation starts with a problem, not an idea
  4. Explore your idea. Great stimulation in = great ideas out
  5. Prototype and test it. Get real with your idea and mock it up
  6. Share it/Test it/Pitch it: Get real, share your idea and learn
  7. Repeat. The process of innovation is never-ending

If you want to know more detail,
click Simon Banks Innovation Framework

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If you’re curious about what’s possible and would like to know more about creating a responsive, adaptable culture of innovation that can deliver great ideas, market leading thinking, products and results, …