My BIG Why? To build a more creative world to enable people and business to thrive

Keynote Speaker

Looking for someone with spark AND intelligence who’ ll wake up your audience and get them firing and ready for action? Simon Banks offers a unique blend of energetic enthusiasm, creativity and humour is your guarantee for a keynote that lives on in the memories of your people, for all the right reasons.

Keynote: 1000 little lightbulbs

Every company is looking for that light bulb moment. That elusive spark of genius.

But instead of waiting for lightning to strike on that one big idea, you were part of an organisation there were 1000 little lightbulbs going off all the time?
why not tap into an existing network of innovators? Why not leverage the 1000 little lightbulbs that are already part of your organisation?

Innovators see things that other people miss.
Opportunities and lightbulb moments exist everywhere if we only open our eyes and encourage them to develop and grow. This is the kind of realisation that drives market leading thinking, constant innovation and outstanding results.

Key outcomes:

  • Understand that the quality of your ideas is directly related to the quality of stimulus you seek. Variety is the heartbeat of innovation.
  • Become more open-minded and embrace opportunities that come your way
  • Discover the potential in collaboration and building on the ideas of others
  • Understand how movement drives energy and fresh thinking (and how to use it effectively).
  • Enable everyone to feel great about embracing their creative potential and working with others to embrace theirs


Are you ready to have a constant stream of lightbulb moments?

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Keynote: Getting to Yes


Do you want take your conversations and ideas to the next level?

‘Getting to Yes’ is a highly energetic and interactive keynote session. It uses the principles of improv theatre, comedy, and – of course – Simon’s unique delivery style enabling delegates to move to a place where great conversations and great ideas exist everyday.

Ideas can often be killed before they even get a chance to breathe. An organisation that routinely kills ideas is an organisation that is not fit for the future.

This is a very active keynote. Each topic builds on the last and uses a highly humorous activation that gets everyone moving, laughing and connecting with their team mates.

After all, who said learning had to be boring?

Key outcomes:

  • Once we take the pressure off ourselves, it’s easy to engage our creative flow
  • Learn the two words that stop great conversations and ideas right in their tracks
  • Learn the key steps of active listening and human centred conversation
  • Discover the power of collaboration and being open to possibilities
  • Master How to maintain a great energy that empowers other people
  • Understand how to drive conversations and human connection upwards


Are you ready take your conversations and ideas to the next level?

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Keynote Speaker

Get the 'Yes' you are looking for

Simon’s unique perspective, unbridled energy and creativity are perfect for your next keynote speaking requirement.

1Think like an Artist, Act like an Innovator

Do you have lots of ideas but don’t know what to do with them?

If you are an artist, the problem isn’t a lack of ideas the problem is having the time to put all your ideas into action. Get ready to embrace freshness, open your eyes and become an ideas factory.

2Ditching the Energy Vampire

Have you ever felt your energy drain when you are with someone? Has anyone ever felt that way about you?

Keep your energy high and ensure you leave a great personal wake.

3Disrupt your Thinking

Do you want to innovate and think more creatively?

You need to not only disrupt your thinking but also disrupt your behaviour. Innovation is not just about following a model but developing a culture where disruption is the norm and fresh ideas and a fresh attitude are part of every day.

4Getting to Yes

Do you want your conversations and ideas to spiral upwards and go to the next level?

Using the skills and insight of improvisational theatre, ensure you get to the yes that you are looking for and keep your mind open to possibilities.