Listen to podcasts Simon Banks has been a guest on

Over the last few years, as well as creating my own Podcast The Occupational Philosophers: A not so serious business podcast to spark creativity, curiosity and imagination, I have had the pleasure of joining some other wonderful podcast hosts as a guest on their show.

Have a listen to some of them below.

Ep.40 – Now that’s significant Podcast: Unleashing curiosity in market research and insights

On this episode of Now that’s significant, a Market Research Podcast, Andrea Mitlag, Client Engagement Manager at Infotools talks to Simon Banks, an international keynote speaker and author, podcaster on creativity, innovation and design and a recovering professional artist. They explore the subject of curiosity and how we can develop and harness its potential.

In the show they spoke about:

  • What curiosity is and how we can harness its benefits
  • Changing the I”I am not creative” story (which so many people carry with them)
  • They discussed how curiosity may or may not be something that we are born with, and how there are ways we can develop it.
  • Simon and Andrea talked about the need for us to slow down in order for us to let our curiosity run its course, especially when it comes to generating insights.
  • They looked at the role of technology in scaling our curiosity.
  • And the discussion finished on what brands have to gain when they establish that culture of curiosity.

Ep.211 Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson: Simon Banks, Creativity and Design

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Jane Jackson’s YOUR CAREER Podcast has been awarded Top 20 Career Podcast by Feedspot, and voted top 50 Career Podcasts globally in 2017, 2018 and 2019 by Mac’s List. In this episode Simon and Jane explore: 

  • How Simon’s big why has driven his career
  • Wy career paths are never as straight forward as we think
  • Why we all need a little more joy in our lives
  • How change has been a central part of Simon’s career
  • Ther iumprtance of crativit, curiosity and imagination – no matter what career path you are on

Ep.19 – The Committed Creative Podcast: Sparking Innovation with Simon Banks

In this episode, Carmen chats to Simon about how:

  • How we all need to tap into your creativity like you did when you were a kid.
  • How it’s important to experiment quickly, fail fast and learn so you can grow.
  • Why it’s not selfish to look after yourself first.
  • Why you can get so much out of mentoring someone, not just the other way around
  • Why we all need to set boundaries and why they are essential for success..
  • The importance partnerships and connections to grow your business.
  • Why a positive mindset is essential for success.
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Ep.21 – The Inner game of Change Podcast: Change – Make it Visual with Simon Banks

The Inner Game of Change Podcast focuses on exploring the multi layers of managing organisational change effectively.

In this episode Simon and Ali explore:

  • Primary and secondary memory
  • Re imagining communication
  • Make it interesting
  • Make it human
  • The power of a visual story
  • The 4 faces of change
  • Visualisation tools to use
  • How to experiment quickly

and much more…

Knowledge Alchemy Podcast: A thousand little lightbulbs – Igniting creativity and innovation with Simon Banks

On the Knowledge Alchemy podcast, Jamal Abilmona, speaks with knowledge alchemists from various fields of thought and influence, who are turning their knowledge into power, and using it to empower others.

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In this episode, Simon and Jamal explore:

  • What do you think of when you hear the words creativity and innovation?
  • Are they only for a certain few who live out there in the realm of lofty ideas?
  • Or are we all really innovators with untapped creative potential?
  • NOTE – the answer is yes!

Moonshots Podcast Episode 8 – Ed Catmull

The Moonshots Podcast goes behind the scenes of the world’s greatest superstars, thinkers and entrepreneurs to discover the secrets to their success.

They deconstruct their success from mindset to daily habits so that we can apply it to our lives. Join us as we ‘learn out loud’ from Elon Musk, and Brene Brown to emerging talents like David Goggins.

In this episode:

The Moonshots finds inspiration in the world of kids’ animation. Join us for a visit with Ed Catmull President, of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios and Disneytoon Studios. I was lucky enough to join them as a guest on the show! 

Ultimate Global Podcast – Curiosity & Creativity Driving Innovation at Workplace with Simon Banks

Creativity and curiosity are drive innovation at workplaces.

As people are always curious to see and hear something different, are you creative enough to capture the attention of customers? (especially in sales and marketing) What can employers do build critical thinking and problem solving skills of their employees?I was lucky enough to chat through these things on the Ultimate Global Podcast.

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In this episode we explored:

  • It’s not about creativity, it’sd about creative confidence
  • As an employer, you need to set an environment where your employees can share ideas.
  • Employers should be open to getting challenged and must be open towards diversity of different thoughts and ideas.
  • Organisaitons need employees to bring their real self to work on a daily basis.

Ep 15 – Business Growthcast Podcast: Focus on Growth

In this episode Simon and host Ryan Gray explore: 

  • The importance of finding where you add value
  • What produces the biggest growth curve in a business
  • Ther importance of outsourcing
  • Why we all need to be curious and open to the new
  • Why investing in yourself is such a great investment