Want to be more curious and creative in 2022? Check out The Occupational Philosophers Podcast (just below!)

The Occupational Philosophers Podcast

The Occupational Philosophers is a not-so-serious business podcast to staying curious, creative, asking those really great questions that can create a more interesting life (and kicking some arse at work).

The Occupational Philosophers Podcast

Why should I listen?

You already know in your bones that you are a creative beast; but maybe you just don't quite know how to unleash it –perhaps it’s an ignored talent in writing, leading innovation at work, or simply underwater crochet.

We will be chatting with people who have taken the path less travelled; who have stories that will inspire you to be more fearless, break out of the non-creative weeds and see things in a unique way

Are you curious? Don’t be alarmed! It’s a very normal human trait and along with its wingmen of creativity and imagination, essential to thriving in the modern age (right now)

Who hosts this?

It’s a show brought to you by a mild-mannered, middle-aged British man with a love of curiosity and philosophy….. (John Rice) and an outspoken, middle-aged Australian surfer man, who happens to be an artist and published author on a book about creativity. (That’s me, Simon Banks)

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Simon Banks
The Occupational Philosophers Podcast
John Rice
John Rice
In summary….

We would love to have you join us for our podcast every two weeks where we help you realise your untapped potential as the curious, creative, and imaginative star that you are (or would like to be)!

You can find out more about the show at www.occupationalphilosophers.com or subscribe

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