Watch Simon Banks Speaker showreel for a glimpse into Simon’s work on stage.

Get a feel for his unique presentation style.  See how he engages a room of people through his great energy, infectious humour and unrelenting passion for creativity and innovation. No going to sleep in the back row!


Simon has facilitated over 1300 successful events across Europe, Asia, America and Australia. It also includes as a conference MC; and designing and delivering innovation hackathons. It also includes graphic facilitation workshops, and creativity and design thinking workshops. He’s worked to bring fresh thinking and innovation out of teams in companies that include: EY, Chevron, The Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Sportsbet, Suncorp, NAB, Commonwealth Bank, Geoscience Australia, The QLD Government, and Volkswagen, to name a few.

Simon lives and breathes creativity. He’s also a talented professional artist, has lectured at the National Gallery of England.  He has developed programs for institutions such as The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.

A Thousand Little Lightbulbs

In 2018, Simon became the author of A Thousand Little Lightbulbs: How to kickstart a culture of Innovation in your Organisation. 

A Thousand Little Lightbulbs provides a fun, practical, BS-free guide to dealing with your creative OGRE, taking off the blinkers and leveraging the greatest innovation tool in your business, your people. If you’re interested in unlocking potential, having a constant stream of fresh thinking, great ideas and having some fun in the process, this book is for you.

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Simon Banks

About the Author

Simon Banks is an Author. International Keynote speaker and Podcaster on creativity and innovation and recovering Artist. He’s delivered over 1400+ events across the globe and is known for running innovation workshops, conferences and design sprints to brew fresh thinking and solve wicked problems. His book A Thousand Little Lightbulbs: How to kickstart a culture of Innovation in your Organisation is out now.

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