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  • Simon Banks at Vivid Festival 2021

    Simon Banks at Vivid Festival 2019

    At the 2019 Vivid Festival, Simon joined a panel of seasoned entrepreneurs as they explored how to master the keys to

    By Simon Banks | August 26, 2019

  • Simon Banks Book Launch

    On the 18th March 2018 at Berkelouw Books in the heart of Paddington, I ever so proudly launched A Thousand Little Lightbulbs: How to

    By Simon Banks | July 12, 2019

  • simon-banks-white-board-animation

    Simon Banks: Watch my Showreel

    Watch Simon Banks Speaker showreel for a glimpse into Simon's work on stage. Get a feel for his unique presentation style.  See how he engages

    By Simon Banks | December 18, 2018

  • Visual Communication Episode 1

    Simon Banks: Learn Visual Communication Episode 1

      Why should I learn Visual Communication? Great question and I am glad that you asked. As the world changes, the way that we

    By Simon Banks | February 2, 2017

  • SimonBanksVisual-Communication-Episode-2

    Simon Banks: Learn Visual Communication Episode 2

    Now that you have dealt with your Ogre in Visual Communication Episode 1, you are ready to leap into learning to draw and develop

    By Simon Banks | February 23, 2017

  • Visual Communication Episode 3

    Simon Banks: Learn Visual Communication and Graphic Facilitation Episode 3

    Artists see the things that they want to draw in shapes. Once you master this, you can literally learn to draw and scale-out anything

    By Simon Banks | March 2, 2017

  • Visual Communication Episode 3

    Simon Banks: Learn Graphic Facilitation and Visual Communication Episode 4

    Learning Visual Communication and Graphic Facilitation: What's happened so far?  In Learn Graphic Facilitation Episode 1, you told your Ogre to take a holiday.

    By Simon Banks | March 16, 2017

  • Simon-Banks-Learn-Graphic-Facilitation-Visual-Communication-Episode-5

    Simon Banks: Learn Graphic Facilitation and Visual Communication Episode 5

    Congratulations! You are now well on your way to becoming a master Graphic Recorder, Visual Communicator and all round Drawing Champion. If you have

    By Simon Banks | March 23, 2017

  • how to keep your curiosity high 2

    How to Keep Your Curiosity High and Thinking Fresh

    As the world transforms at an unprecedented pace, those who dare to question, explore, and wonder are poised to thrive. Curiosity fuels innovation, drives personal

    By Simon Banks | August 28, 2023

  • Simon Banks Innovation Framework

    A seven step Innovation Framework – but not as you know it

    People and organisations are complex, living entities. They can’t just be stuffed into a set of steps and made to perform like a well trained seal.

    By Simon Banks | July 10, 2020

  • We are all born creative Simon Banks

    We Are All Born Creative…

    There is a creative person in all of us, just waiting to GET OUT! Once we shift the story, we tell ourselves about our creativity. The problem starts...

    By Simon Banks | November 1, 2019

  • 21st-century-essential-skills-simon-banks

    5 Essential skills needed to thrive in the 21st Century

    What are the skills needed to thrive in the 21st Century? It’s the human-centred skills that we all have (and machines don’t)

    By Simon Banks | August 23, 2019

  • Perfectionism_and_innovation_simon_banks_blog

    Perfection and Why it Has No Place in Innovation

    Being prepared to share a half baked idea (you know it's not perfect but it could be part of the solution) that you want others to build on is at the heart of a culture of innovation.

    By Simon Banks | June 7, 2019

  • Simon-Banks-innovation-Book-Launch

    So then I had an Innovation Book Launch – A Thousand Little Lightbulbs

    I have a friend who is an author who said that his book launch was one of the best nights of his life. "How could this be?" I mused? The best night of your life? Surely it can't be that good? Well, I have to say it wasn't far off. It was a seriously good night.

    By Simon Banks | July 16, 2018


Innovation is a behaviour and an action word

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How to keep your Thinking Fresh and your Audience Engaged

Innovation is a behaviour and an action word

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Innovation is a behaviour and an action word

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