Now that you have dealt with your Ogre in Visual Communication Episode 1, you are ready to leap into learning to draw and develop your skills with visual communication and graphic facilitation.

At it’s most simple, drawing is made up of three basic elements: 

  • Lines
  • Shapes
  • Patterns

That’s it. The combination of simple lines, shapes and patterns give you everything that you need to draw. Once you combine this with the ability to really open your eyes and look at the world around you in a different way then your visual communication skills will take off.

How to Draw a Line

The great news is that ANYONE can draw a line. It’s so simple. The other great news is that with a line, you can express all types of concepts and easily communicate ideas. This episode takes you right back to year 7 at school and some of your earliest art lessons to show you just how effective lines are at expressing emotion and even a night out with some friends.

If you find your lines are not doing what you want them to, just slow down when your drawing. You will be a lot more productive as you will get what you want quickly – lines that look like what you want to draw.

So, watch the video, pick up your pen and take it for a walk across your page! Just like exercise, if you haven’t done it for a long time, drawing can feel a little tough at first. Remember that the Ogre is silenced through practice so do just that. Just like exercise, before long it becomes natural and something that makes you feel really good.


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Simon Banks is an author and International Keynote speaker on creativity and innovation and recovering artist. He’s delivered over 1300 events across the globe.  He’s the Director of creative training company VisualFunk, known for running innovation workshops, conferences and design sprints to brew fresh thinking and develop market-leading ideas. His book A Thousand Little Lightbulbs: How to kickstart a culture of Innovation in your Organisation is out now. 


Simon Banks

About the Author

Simon Banks is an Author. International Keynote speaker and Podcaster on creativity and innovation and recovering Artist. He’s delivered over 1400+ events across the globe and is known for running innovation workshops, conferences and design sprints to brew fresh thinking and solve wicked problems. His book A Thousand Little Lightbulbs: How to kickstart a culture of Innovation in your Organisation is out now.

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