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5 Steps to Winning Your Day

Posted 25.02.2020

5 Steps to Winning Your Day

Need help to organise and prioritise your working day better? Download our 5 Steps to Winning Your Day and get back on track.

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Posted 12.02.2020

2020 Visual Strategy Resources

Need help to visualise your business strategy this year? Download our helpful visual maps to shift your thinking in 2020. Pillars Strategy – A3 Boat Visual Strategy – A3…

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Posted 07.06.2019

Perfection and Why it Has No Place in Innovation

Being prepared to share a half baked idea (you know it’s not perfect but it could be part of the solution) that you want others to build on is at the heart of a culture of innovation.…

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Posted 16.07.2018

So then I had an Innovation Book Launch – A Thousand Little Lightbulbs

I have a friend who is an author who said that his book launch was one of the best nights of his life. “How could this be?” I mused? The best night of your life? Surely it can’t be that…

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Posted 26.04.2018

So then I wrote an Innovation Book – A Thousand Little Lightbulbs

I recently published my first book, specifically, an Innovation Book called ‘A Thousand Little Lightbulbs: How to kickstart a culture of Innovation.’
Rather than tell you all about…

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