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We Are All Born Creative…

There is a creative person in all of us, just waiting to GET OUT!

I have had so many conversations about this over the last few weeks with clients in government agencies, not-for-profits, multi-nationals and small business.

I am passionate about this topic and what's possible, once we shift the story we tell ourselves about our creativity.

Here's where this problem starts...

At school, for so many of us art was about not making mistakes i.e. drawing something realistically (which is observational and logical rather than creative). It was about being given an objective and asked to create something that matched that objective.

From the moment something didn't look realistic or we made a mistake, we judged ourselves and start this terrible, "I am not creative" mindset.

Once this type of mindset kicks in, it's awful. It's a possibility thief. It's an internal put down for the rest of our lives.

If art lessons had been more focused on "making and creating" rather than "not making mistakes", there may not be so much panic about the future of work where we need to be creative (where will we find these people?) or the need to 'fail fast/be agile/share wild ideas' because we would already be super comfortable with this.

Fortunately, there is a movement away from this type of teaching and children are now being taught 'process art'. Where they get to immerse themselves in the process of creation and not about the end result.

For those that were taught at school that they didn't meet the creative criteria, there is help at hand.

The great news is that creative drive we were ALL born with is there - ready to rumble if we are open to it.

Ignore the crappy voice that says it isn't so.

Creativity and allowing yourself to lean into it is not only great for your life but it is great for your business too!

Here’s to a more creative world.  

Creativity and business

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